Play Free Video Poker Jacks or Better Online

Video Poker Jacks or Better – The Most Popular Variation of Classic Game

Video poker has many variations, but the oldest and the most popular one is Jacks or Better, also known as Draw Poker. If you know how to play five-card draw poker, you will easily master this game as well. With the right strategy, you have a high chance of winning.

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker?

Jacks or Better is the very first variation of video poker that saw the world in the 1980s. It’s easy to play as you only need to hold a hand with Jacks or Better to get a payout.

The edge of Jacks or Better is determined by the fact that you have to play against a machine and not a live dealer. As a result, the gameplay is devoid of unpleasant pressure. The game is based on the same set of rules as the five-card draw variation, coming with five cards dealt to players after actual wagering. Players will need to choose from one to five credits that they want to bet with. The credit values vary from $0.25 to $1, depending on the machine. Then, the players need to select the cards that they would like to keep in their hands and the cards that they would like to discard. At least one pair of Jacks is required for getting a payout. When players get replacement cards, they check their final hand to find out whether they win or lose.

The better the hand, the higher the winnings. Knowing the ranking of poker hands will make it easier to calculate the profit. Generally, Jacks or Better is known for offering the best payouts for slots-type machines.

Jacks or Better is a perfect video poker game for those who want to learn the basics of betting and become more experienced at applying the basic strategy in the gameplay. No wonder that it has become the most played version of the game worldwide.