Play Free Video Poker Deuces Wild Online

Video Poker Deuces Wild – A Classic Game with High Payouts

Video Poker Deuces Wild is one of the most popular games in the gambling community. It usually comes with the best payouts, which makes it so attractive for gamblers. Mastering the game is relatively easy if the right strategies are applied. Ideally, you need to play Deuces Wild on a full pay table to receive better payouts on winning hands.

How to Play Video Poker Deuces Wild?

Similar to other video poker games, Deuces Wild utilizes a deck of 52 cards. The first thing you need to do is place a wager, determine the coin size, and estimate the number of coins to wager. Then, you need to decide on which cards you want to keep, and which cards you want to remove. You may use one of four Deuces as a replacement for any card in order to get a winning hand. Generally, there are four wild cards to achieve the completion of a winning hand. The lowest rank for a winning hand is Three of a Kind.

What makes Deuces Wild so engaging is the fact that all the four deuces in the deck position themselves as Wilds. This is why they are considered to be the best cards you can possibly get. In this case, the hand rankings become slightly different than in regular poker. Three of a Kind is the lowest hand required for a payout. So, you need to get a pair and a deuce or three cards of the same value to benefit from a Three of a Kind payout.

When it comes to a hand with no deuces, you shouldn’t play it the same way you would do a Jacks or Better hand. If you don’t have anything to work with, you should consider drawing a new hand. If you know that four deuces are still in the deck, you need to draw with one or two outs to make a low paying hand.